Northwoods Foundation

Providing financial assistance to those in need.


Request assistance from the Northwoods Foundation by providing us with brief information below. A representative from the Foundation will contact you to gather additional information regarding your request. Directives and Criteria for funding.


Northwoods Foundation

Directives and Criteria for Funding

The directive of the Northwoods Foundation is to provide financial assistance to the people in need within the communities in which we work and live.

Eligibility Criteria for financial assistance is based upon the following:

(a) There are no restrictions for donations to Organizations that are tax- exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

(b) For organizations that are not tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code, the funds must be used exclusively in support of a specific charitable activity or activities.

(c) For direct individual donations, the following requirements must be met:

(i) The funds are to be used for the purpose of disaster relief and/or hardship assistance;

(ii) An objective evaluation has been made to determine whether the individual lacks financial resources to provide his/her basic needs; and

(iii) The financial need is for short term relief only and is not for longer term financial support (i.e. once funded, no ongoing assistance to maintain the status quo would be required).